How much does the Edplus app cost?

While the times table topic is free, other premium educational topics can be purchased through the app.

We provide the Edplus app and times table topic free for all users, forever!

We also have a number of premium educational topics (like Geography, Science or French).

You can purchase them individually, or buy a monthly or annual subscription, which gives you access to all topics:

  • Single topic: £4.99 (one-off purchase)
  • Monthly Subscription (all topics): £4.99 per month
  • Annual Subscription (all topics): £29.99 per year (50% off)

Note: Prices are listed in GBP, check the app to see prices in your local currency. 

Watch our video showing how to pick a new topic.

For all subscriptions, we offer a free three-day trial. A subscription is per parent, not per child. Each parent can link up to four children to their account.